What is the Village Toue ?

Situated on the border of the Auvergne and the Burgundy regions, our Toue cabanées are ready to welcome you on your unusual holiday...
Imagine yourselves, moored on a peaceful lake aboard your Toue cabanée with a superior quality furnishings and large windows. The Toue cabanée is a boat filled with history and which offers astonishing views of the nature.

The Village Toue, Domaine des Demoiselles is totally dedicated to life on the water and to the discovery of our patrimony. By foot, bike, boat or even on an electric scooter, you can discover, or rediscover, the exceptional surrounding landscapes. Our leisurely circuits will take you into the heart of the hilly countryside of the Bourbonnais and Charolais.
Let yourself go, along the canals and make the most of the arts and crafts, refined gastronomy, small local producers and many more original and tasty trips.

Village Toue, Welcome aboard!

Discover the Village Toue des Monédières in Corrèze

Nestled in lush greenery, the Village Toue des Monédières in Chamberet in the Correzè region mixes the notion of camping with that of a charming hotel that will make your stay a different and unforgettable experience.

Enjoy the cozy comfort of these Toues Cabanées the heart of Corrèze, the country of a thousand springs and dense forests near the Plateau des Mille Vaches. A gently undulating site, providing a perfect choice for your unusual holidays on the water in the Limousin area.


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