How it works ?


The Village Toue, Domaine des Demoiselles reception is open everyday from may to november.

You have access to your accommodation from 4:00pm on your arrival day.
You must free your accommodation before 11:00am on your departure day.

 How to transfer your luggage to your accommodation? 

The Village Toue, Domaine des Demoiselles is a peaceful site where vehicles stay in the car park. Upon arrival, park your vehicle in the site car park. You will be provided with a trolley to transport your luggage to your accommodation. Do not hesitate to ask for help at reception if needed.

 How to access your accommodation?

Our Toue cabanées are accessible either by foot or by rowing boat, you choose, either or!

To access your Toue cabanée by boat, we provide you with a rowing boat equipped with ores. Each and every moored Toue cabanée has its own boat which will remain yours for the entire duration of your stay. You can also go for a trip around the lake as you please in your rowing boat.

The passage aboard is easy thanks to the stability of our rowing boats and large platforms at the front of the Toue Cabanée.

For those who prefer to join theirToue Cabanée by foot, there are also docked boats accessible directly from the banks thanks to the ford.

Please Note : All docked Toue cabanées are the same price as mooredToue Cabanées.
The Roulottes de campagne are simply accessible by foot.



 How can I recognise my Toue Cabanée?

Nothing more simple, at reception during your check-in, we shall attribute you with your Toue cabanée and we will give you its name and its location on the lake.

 How does your holiday unroll in our accommodation?

Like in a hotel room, the beds are made and the bathroom linen is available in your accommodation.

Our accommodations are designed to easily unpack and settle down quickly and comfortably: cupboards with dressing room and lots of storage space.

Pets are welcome in our accommodations under certain conditions. Please consult the general terms and conditions.

General conditions concerning pets
Only 1 animal is accepted per accommodation. A supplement of 20€ is to be paid (no matter what the duration of the stay). The animal is to be declared during check-in, the owner is responsible for any damage and must assure the tranquillity and the safety of other guests and must respect the elementary rules of hygiene and the respect of all installations. Category 1 and 2 dogs, in the name of the law of January 6th, 1999, are forbidden. We reserve the right to forbid the access. Read the general rules and regulations for more details.

Life jackets are supplied upon arrival for the use of the rowing boats.

If more information is required about the Village Toue, Domaine des Demoiselles, please consult the general rules and regulations.

 Who does the cleaning?

The cleaning is assured by our team upon your departure. If you stay more than 7 nights in your accommodation, a mid-holiday clean is proposed (included in the price of your holiday).
If you wish for extra cleaning in your accommodation, we propose this service for 50€, please consult “options” in the section "tariffs and reservations".


To penetrate, visit, or stay on the Village Toue, Domain des Demoiselles, an authorisation is necessary by the on-site manager or his representative. Good behavior, respect for others and the site and respect of the present internal rules and regulations is obliged. Presence on the Village Toue, Domaine des Demoiselles implies the acceptance of the internal rules and regulations and the commitment to apply to these rules.
Each and every tenant, or outside visitor, must conform to the internal rules of the Village Toue, Domaine des Demoiselles, fault to do so implies the risk of termination of the contract for the tenants and immediate eviction for the outside visitors.
The Village Toue, Domaine des Demoiselles is strictly reserved for tourism and leisure activity clientele.
All children must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Upon arrival, please present your at reception where a member of staff will proceed to the administrative formalities, the hand-over of the keys of your accommodation and an explanation of the site and your holiday.
It is imperative to warn us In case of any delay or of last-minute hindrance.
You can access your accommodation from 4:00pm.
Once in possession of your keys you can make your way by foot to your accommodation or by rowing boat for the moored Toue cabanées, you will have your personal rowing boat for the duration of your holiday.

Vehicles are not accepted on-site. An adjacent free car park is dedicated to client vehicles.
The transport of your luggage to your accommodation can be facilitated by the loan of a trolley which will be proposed during your check-in at reception.

The guests must assure the peaceful character of the accommodations and maintain the calm atmosphere which accords to the designation of the site. The guests oblige to make sure that the tranquillity of the neighbors is not disturbed by their family or friends actions.
The life jackets are compulsory during the presence in the rowing boat (jackets supplied).
All our accommodations are equipped with: electricity, hot and cold running water and WiFi.
An inventory of your accommodation is supplied upon arrival.
Beds are made, and the bathroom linen is present inside your accommodation upon arrival.
Smoking inside the accommodation is forbidden. You can, however, smoke on the accommodation's decking.

The reception is open:
Every day between April and November, 2014.
In reception, you can find all information about the services of the Village Toue, Domaine des Demoiselles, a shop with regional products and essentials, information about the sports facilities, rich tourist information for the area and diverse useful addresses. The Village Toue, Domaine des Demoiselles, proposes organised leisurely trips which are for the sale in reception. You can also rent necessary equipment for your leisurley circuits or for your own excursions: bicycles, bicycles with electrical assistance, electric scooters, boats for the day, etc.
The reception is equipped with a free access WiFi for our residents.

The Village Toue, Domaine des Demoiselles' guests (residents or not) are insistently asked to avoid any noise or discussions which could interfere with the neighbors tranquility. Acoustic appliances must also be accordingly adjusted.
The silence must be total between 11pm and 7am.

Each and every person must refrain from any action which could cause damage to the cleanliness, the hygiene or the general aspect of the site. Rubbish, papers and waste of all kinds must be put in the bin (in your accommodation or on-site). Any degradation applied to the vegetation, the fences, the site or its installations or equipment will be charged or retained from the deposit.
The installations and equipment of the Village Toue, Domaine des Demoiselles must be used in compliance with their destination. In case of damage, loss or destruction of the installations or equipment of the Village Toue, Domaine des Demoiselles, the lead booking name is responsible and will assume any consequences caused by the residents of his Toue cabanée or his/her visitors.

The Village Toue, Domaine des Demoiselles is a private domain.
A 4€ entrance fee per person is asked for every outside visitor wishing to take advantage of the installations. This entrance fee gives access to the services proposed by the Village Toue, Domaine des Demoiselles: playgrounds, rental equipment, and any other leisure facilities on-site.
The site is open to the public every day during the season from 10:00am till 8:00pm.
Picnics are regulated by the site manager or his representative according to the number of visitors and residents on the site.

Animals are accepted in our accommodations in the following conditions:
- A supplement of 20€ (per animal) should be paid by the owner, no matter the duration of the stay
- The owner should, in no circumstances, use the accommodations equipment (bedding, sofa, dishes) for the use of his animal
- The owner should be in possession of all the equipment necessary for his animal
- The animals vaccinations should be up to date
- Only 1 animal is authorized per accommodation (except in exceptional circumstances, contact us)
- Animals accepted aboard must not exceed 10 kg
- The owner is responsible for all nuisances caused by his animal and accepts full responsibility: noise pollution, excrement
- It is strongly recommended to leave the dog on the Toue cabanées decking (if he does not bark)
- During the access to moored Toue cabanées , the owner is fully responsible for his animal if he jumps/ falls into the water
- If the neighbors complain of nuisances caused by your animal, the owner must take necessary measures for this to cease.

During your stay, we ask you to respect all safety instructions as indicated by the on-site staff.
Particular attention will be taken to the use of life jackets in the rowing boats.
Your accommodation includes a fire extinguisher.
It is strictly forbidden camp or to light a fire on the domain.
A first-aid kit is available in reception.
On your departure day, all accommodation must be freed before 11am.
All rented / borrowed material must be returned to reception along with the keys for your accommodation.

In the case guest disruption or non respect of the measures of the present internal rules and regulations, the manager or his representative reserve the right to evict guests, a first warning will be given, if the troubles do not cease, the guests will be evicted. In the event of more serious problems, the manager or his representative reserve the right to call the police.